DEFCON /ˈdɛfkɒn/ noun US 
1.each of a series of five progressive levels of alert      

Constant and relentless development of military and law enforcement industry sector and the regional modernization programmes are calling for a new era hybrid event embracing the best of both worlds: connecting top tier Special Operations Forces Equipment manufacturers and its users - members of the Regional forces. We introduce to you DEFCON Alpine - the first edition held in Planica, Slovenia in December 2022. 

Location and timing of the event have been chosen to attract the audience of the entire region – central and southern Europe as well as the Adriatic and beyond. DEFCON Alpine represents an opportunity for insight into specialized equipment and know-how on unique capabilities for air, land and sea operations. 

The event will be crowned with series of discussion panels by industry members with vast experience in current and future modernization programmes, regional forces members experienced in joint fires integration, UAV operational fielding, aircraft special mission’s equipment integration, electronic warfare specialists, IT intelligence and more.