why exhibit


A one-of-a-kind opportunity to obtain a better understanding of the requirements and the supply chain of the region and its users. Addressing the running and forthcoming development and modernization programmes of the regional forces with unique venue for introduction or affirmation of strategic assets and capabilities objectives. 


Event will bring together key South and South-East Europe and Adriatic region military SOF operators, LE agencies and their top management and procurement officers. Take this chance to better understand the needs of the region and grow your business platform. 


A wide array of lectures of seasoned speakers, enabling a room for exchange of first-hand experiences and stories. Take the speaker podium and share the knowledge behind your unique technology or engage in the panels from the audience. 


Are your systems a part of a complex modernization programme in the region? Get a face-to face meeting with the local manufacturers base capable of supporting your programmes with components or subsystems, which may be region specific or potentially applicable for your existing customer base.